LOSER OF THE WEEK IS someone that thinks their special and their REALLY NOT!!!!!!!!  Losers of the week are people we  like to watch CRASH  and  BURN I have never met someone with a face so hard-looking. ITS INTERVENTION TIME SPONGEBOB SQAUREFACE,  BOBBY CHAMPLIN is a clown, a fool, a loser. Lets not get started on the fact that EVERY-TIME I see it, its wearing the same pair of raggedy ass flip-flops. Dumb Bitch there are a billion shoe sales going on right now, go to one. When i look at it, i can’t help but to feel a bit sorry for it. Bobby’s like a creature from the lagoon, the way you walk sickens me, your whole look is DEVASTATION AND that receding hairline is not helping you or anybody out at ALL. I TELL IT LIKE i see it, I throw it back like hairlines thats BALDING. DO us all a favor and SLITHER back to the hole you crawled out of…….…..