I wonder if anyone has been in love, like really IN-LOVE with someone that you have never met. But you have had conversations here and there. IM completely infatuated with Sacha Sacket and when we first spoke I never knew he was a singer, let alone had 3 albums out. SWEAR, i had no idea. The thing is how could someone so handsome, so down to earth, with his smooth pete yorn(ish) voice but much smoother, be really really NICE. He lives in los angeles and I am currently in Arizona, and He once told me about a concert he was having at THE RIALTO THEATRE. This was my moment, my chance, RIGHT??? wrong, my nerves kinda got the best of me and I stayed far away secluded in my northside hide-away, like a rapuzel trapped in a tower. Okay not so much but the picture is clear.
Why now had I let my nerves get the best of me, maybe It was the thought of those piercing blue eyes staring into mine. ugh The thought gives me chills, good ones.

Back to the music review, His lyrics are profound and meaningful, The voice is present and ever so clear, and that BODY is out of control…….No sammygurl no. I better stop, or should I.

Well word on the street is that A new album is coming out and I want to bring you boysandco.’s Exclusive Interview……Lets just work on getting it first, THE INTERVIEW….xo