The walking talking cocaine carcass Natalie Mejiapleaded “not guilty” on Thursday to felony possession of cocaine to sell in relation with her March 9 arrest, when police  found over a dozen bags of coke clumsily stuffed in her knock-off Gucci purse during a traffic stop.

A court date has been set for April 26 to determine whether or not there is enough evidence against Chris Brown’s former jump off to proceed to trial.

Natalie, who is a member of the elegant pop trioGirlicious, has been busy over the past few weeks rehearsing and shooting the video for the groups new single “Maniac”. Some behind the scenes footage from the clip leaked online last week, which seems to show the girls caught up in some kind of drug induced frenzy as they shake and thrash around outside in the pouring rain.

“Maniac” is available on Canadian iTunes now, and is the perfect background music for a night on the town when you find yourself snorting a line of cheap speed off the toilet seat in the back of some seedy nightclub.