EVERY MONTH BOYSANDCO. PICKS 6 OF OUR hottest Girlfriends to showcase, ladies STEP YOUR GAME UP….

I just had a epiphany,
I need to go to Tiffany’s
Fendi on my slippers,
Cause my cookies always slippery
I don’t need help,
I pay da bills on time
So I be yellin “fuck em”
When the Deal don’t sign
Five little mama, you a Three star
I aint sleepin when
I say I’m in my dream car
Oh did I stutta?
Harajuku hyphen,
BarBie… I’m hot
I think it’s time to put the rice in,
I was sittin in the chair,
I was just gluing my weave in,
When you hit the stage
They was booin and leavin,
Young money red flag,
No more auditions Ask BOYSANDCO. who the 5 star bitch is! and we will tell you, these girls are our HOT’S OF THE MONTH……………..love them like we do!!