AS boysandco. previously reported, our favorite FIREcrotch/redHead about town collapsed at BS WEST sat night/morn, not before partying into the wee Hours.

Well after being escorted by security out of the nightclub,  details are still coming out. Numerous sources witnessed the LIND’s being thrown into a taxiCAB. we later caught up with the SCOTTSDALE taxi driver by the name of K**e ,M**phy.

He says that Brian was going in and out of consciousness and that at one point started to speak in ARABIC.(could BRIAN ROGERS be a secret terrorist) highly unlikely but i wouldn’t doubt it.

Anyway k**e was so shaken by brian’s ODD behavior he threatened to pull over. But didn’t, heres where the DETAILS GET SKETCHY. CLEAR.  Lindsanity stormed into the HOTEL lobby and demanded a bathroom. Well i guess no one showed him because he PEED IN THE LOBBY. A argument in-sues with hotel management and staff and the POLICE ARE CALLED, poor lind’s.

This wasn’t what I had in mind when i said HELP WAS NEEDED. Brian was arrested in the lobby and booked on charges of  tress-passing and Public urination(OBVIOUSLY).

Where he spent the NIGHT, AND all of FUNDAY sunday IN THE slammer. at least he was very whole telephone video Esq ………………………….WHERE ARE HIS “friends”?!?!?