SO this trashy web-page with photo-shopped pictures of me, Is down. And followed by an email not to long after. and ITS ONLY 11:40.  heres the email, i just had too.

“Christopher, I hate you so much and I can’t change those feelings towards you. What you have done to my life is partially ruined it. Now you remember. And your “SO CALLED FRIENDS” the ones that fed me all this info about you, even those pictures. I submitted you to the dirty, and I am the one that sent that email. Please don’t take this any further than you already have, I just posted them out of desperation and anger. Why Is it that you have to be such a Cold-Hearted Bitch? Lets get this straight i’m not afraid of you, im just afraid of what you can do or what you will.”

BRAVO, well there you have it peeps. LOSERS know their place.

P.S If those “photos” pop up anywhere else, i will go through lengths to DESTROY WHOEVER saved those photos to their computer, i mean beyond BOYSANDCO. so a word to the wise BACK DOWN BITCHES!!! oh and secret mystery person, I’m still going to SUE you.