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Demand to Cease and Desist and Retract Libel

Cohen, Weiss and Simon LLP
Law Offices
330 West 42nd Street
New York, New York 10036-6976 (New York Co.)
April, 22, 2010

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Dear [Private]:

This law firm represents Christopher Russell, and we have been
asked to write this letter to you. Many of your
statements about Christopher Russell] in your e-mail postings are
untrue and defamatory. You made them maliciously to
injure Christopher Russell in his trade, office and profession. As
such, they are defamatory per se. Under O.C.G.A.
51-5-11, this letter constitutes a demand for
immediate retraction in writing of these false and
libelous statements. In accordance with O.C.G.A
51-5-11(b)(1)(C), Christopher Russell demands that your retraction
and correction be accompanied by an editorial in which
you specifically repudiated your libelous statements.

Your web postings and conduct also constitute
tortious interference with the business and
contractual relations of Boysandco. As such, they are
actionable and expose you to the imposition of
compensatory as well as punitive damages.

Below, we have noted some of the more patent,
malicious, and libelious comments made by you in your
e-mails; some of them also evidence your tortious
interference. If Christopher Russell is forced to file suit to stop
your wrongful conduct, He will also seek an award of
his attorney fees and litigation expenses.

(Note: Complaints were not numbered in the original
letter-I have done so here so each can be easily

1. In your postings, you repeatedly stated that
Christopher is a psycho.

2. In your postings, you consistently and falsely
photo shopped pictures of cocaine.

3. You have made allegations that are unfounded, and furthermore these threatening phone calls have caused Christopher nothing but pain and suffering.

Many of these errors have been previously brought to
your attention. Also, on occasion you have admitted
that your postings exceeded the bounds of free speech.
Your failure to correct your erroneous and false
statements and their repitition after notice of their
falsehood constitutes further publication of libel. It
also confirms your malicious intent.

If you do not immediately publish the requested
retraction, and cease and desist from tortious
interference and making false and malicious comments
about Christopher Russell. We will
file suit against you. Please govern yourself

Sincerely yours,

Cohen, Weiss and Simon LLP
Law Offices
330 West 42nd Street
New York, New York 10036-6976 (New York Co.)
April, 22, 2010