Taking a quick breather from dissing Christina Aguilera, producer-artist Akon is back to doing what he does best; Talking about Lady GaGa. In a new interview with Vibe the Smack That singer (who is only relevant when talking about GaGa) has gushed about her next LP by insisting that the already larger than life star has gotten even “Bigger and better”.

“She records while she’s on the road. I’m flying out to Europe to work on some new records with her. GaGa’s just like me. She has a tour bus with a studio in it. Some of the songs I’ve heard are going to be crazy. She’s getting bigger and better.”

“All I’m doing at the end of the day is listening to the tracks GaGa has written and approving them for her album. She has producers that she works with outside of myself and they are coming up with some incredible records. But the beauty of it is she knows exactly what she wants, so it just makes it easier for me.” {source}

GaGa herself already said that it’s the “best” record of her whopping two year career and now Akon is honking her horn to, so this album better be pretty bloody good! Hopefully her superhuman schedule still allows her time to be inspired to create fresh lyrics and sounds. The world really doesn’t need a Poker Face part 57. Or maybe it does…

Actually no, it doesn’t.