It wasn’t supposed to drop till June, but Robyn’s new single “Dancing On My Own” made has made it’s way online early so I’m certainly not about to complain.

I keep comparing all of Robyn’s material from her upcoming Body Talk Pt.1 album to Britney SpearsBlackout and I’m about to do it again. ”Dancing On My Own” carries on the dark urban-electro sound from Robyn’s recent leaks, but at times actually sounds like a more brooding version of Britney’s “Heaven On Earth” which could never be a bad thing.

Blackout was one of the most brilliant pop albums of recent years so I have no problem if Robyn wants to take some elements from Britney’s sound and put her own, more alternative spin on it.

“Dancing On My Own” will be released June 7, with Part 1 of Robyn’s new Body Talk series dropping a week later on June 15th.