By now I’m sure you’ve all heard that Rihanna is working on the follow-up to her Rated R album, but I bet you didn’t realize that her label Def Jam have hired out a whopping 50 producers to all get together to create new material for the Rockstar 101 singer, as Taio Cruz revealed during a new interview.

“There was a big writing camp with 50 other producers writing for Rihanna’s next album.

“They had hired out 20 to 30 different studios and had everyone in there collaborating, switching people around. Each person did about six or seven songs. It doesn’t normally work like that but she’s a huge artist.” {source}

Wow. This must be how they get these popstars to churn out music so quickly. While the artist is busy on tour and promoting their last record the label are out getting all the songs ready for the next album, so once the artist is available all they have to do is clock in some time in the recording booth and voila, you’ve got your album. I’m sure it’s generally the same for the Britney’s, Beyonce’s etc too.

Anyways Taio also revealed that they’re working on some more “traditional perky pop” for Rihanna instead of the “hard edged” Rated R, and he also said he hopes to get in the studio with RiRi’s BFF Katy Perry for her new album after he met her recently in L.A.