If you thought that pop galaxy Heidi Montag was done with her critically acclaimed (by me) debut albumSuperficial then you’re sorely mistaken, because the plastic princess has just premiered another one of her stunning cut-and-paste music videos, this time for the album’s sublime title track “Superficial”.

For her latest piece of art Queen Heidi has compiled footage of herself going clubbing, prancing around in a bikini, performing at Miss Universe and getting plastic surgery, giving viewers an inside look into the life of the notoriously private icon.

The motion picture actress has also taken the opportunity to take a subtle dig at her musical subordinate Lady GaGa, implying that the Poker Face singer isn’t as famous as her.

“This is real footage we’ve collected over the years, ” Montag tells PEOPLE. “I’m a reality star and I wanted to bring that into my music video. Someone like Lady Gaga has to fake paparazzi for her video and create that whole world but that’s the real life I live. That’s my reality. “

Take that GaGa! That’s what you get for maliciously stealing Heidi’s bilingual smash “Fashion” then completely butchering it for the Confessions of a Shopaholic soundtrack.