Rumors have been swirling that Britney Spears has enlisted trance DJ Tiesto to work on songs for her upcoming seventh album, and now it’s all but set in stone after several various telling signs.

It all began when Britney’s A&R rep tweeted that she had a meeting with Tiesto, and then when the DJ’s record label were questioned about it they issued a vague response by saying “…assume it’s true”.

Now a popular Dutch paper are reporting that Tiesto’s management confirmed that the DJ has been spending time with Britney to find the right sound for her.

Tiesto joins a number of other producers and contributors already attached to Britney’s new album, which is currently being kept top secret by her label and management.

Oh and if you’re expecting Britney to go urban for this album – don’t. I’m hearing the whole thing is going to be Euro dance-pop.