SWINDLERS ON UNIVERSITY IS a must must for all of our fashionista’s, donning the LATEST TRENDY STYLES. THIS STORE HAS NOTHING BUT GOOD THINGS COMING ITS WAY, lOcated right across the street from “THE ONCE COOL” Urban Outfitters.

SAT WAS the grand opening says Owners Rachel Schnieider and Christina Hemelce. Rachel tells boysandco. that moving from 4th ave to university blvd. has increased FOOT TRAFFIC into their chic boutique. GUY AND GIRLS ARE WELCOME AS GUYS SELECTIONS ARE STILL GROWING.

When I first pranced into my new surroundings, I was entranced by the different variations throughout the store. The shirts were different from anything i’ve seen and the jeans Better than MOST!!!!!!! These young women are just that Young hot and smart.

SWINDLERS WILL BE OFFERING CUSTOM SCREEN PRINTING AS ONE OF THEIR PERMANENT FIXTURES, AS WELL AS LIVE DJ(THE reason i walked In) and A local Artist/Band performance SECTION which is still in the Development stages

… IT feels like a store where you can be yourself, browse ewith friends and BUY SOMETHING NEW AND FRESH…….BOYSANDCO. is telling you its worth checking out!!!

Their web-site HTTP://WWW.SHOPSWINDLERS.COM IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION, BUT YOU can also check them out on Facebook…..Peep it.

p.s the fitting room is my favorite part of the store, TRUST!!!! YOU’LL LOVE ITS UNIQUE SHAPE AND SETUP TOO.