So as I expected nothing much has changed except that ADDISON CAMPUS, our favorite girl we love to HATE. CRASHED AND BURNED, flames abound. LETS take a look back shall we on the whole Addison situation……..HERES A LOOK BACK down MEMORY LANE with this broken-hearted girl.

Okay we Know your sick and tired but we just could’nt help it, Guess who we saw out and about PayiNG HER RESPECTS TO Last years LegenD Big Mike, Trying to salVage whats left of her non-existent connections. She was let into the celebration, A source says he spotted her making frequent bathroom visits. Does this mean A comeBack we’ll just have to wait and see what she does. We love you Lindsay, em Addison. I mean when she was a Skinny Coke Whore, statiscally she was at the height of her popularity, With signifigant weight gain comes signifigant loss of stability. Does’nt the bitch know that shes only as good as the next line…..

This was only the next in a long line of hits and misses, for the former teen dream. Lets speed this up a bit.

well, well, well If is is’nt the once highly reigned party girl. I heard that ADDISON campus thinks her Former bff chris(Beyonce, black chris, coke whore socialite, etc….) put her on the dirty. Sweetheart was’nt the Dirty Army already on your tail, anyway we’re pretty sure If I did put you on the dirty. I would have sealed that e-mail with a signature and lipstick kisses. Am I not notorious for actually announcing my evil’s. Get it TOGETHER COWPONY WHORE!!!! That is where you’ve been hiding?!?!


SAVE ADDY. ITS THE NEW NEW NEWEST of Important causes that just cannot wait, SHE’S PULLING A LINDSAY FAST, BUT IT IS’NT TOO LATE. Get re-GLAMORIZED AND YOUR WELCOME BACK ANYTIME. BUT until that day comes stay away from us or else, SECURITY!!!