WALK IT OUT is what i shall be doing, prancing as some may SAY!!!!! none the less im sure i’ll be the first gent in this wretched town to be rocking the NEW LINE OF CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN FOR MEN!!!!its over. The man behind the infamous red sole that has graced the feet of many celebs like LIL KIM, ZOE SALDANA, NICOLE RICHIE, LINDSAY LOHAN, NICOLE KIDMAN, ANGELINA JOLIE AND the rest of the hollyweird bunch. Has single handily revolutionized what WE CALL SEXY FOOTWEAR, and now he has gone and done it yet again with his sig red mark for men. Christian himself has said when you walk into a room, your shoes are the first thing people should notice, followed by the face.

Starting at $900 and working its way up, these are my NEW lastest obsession can’t live without craze. And currently SOLD OUT before even being released, i guess this TIME WE’RE GONNA HAVE TO WAIT IN THAT LINE. …whatever