So As I was relishing in all THE NEW DIRT i just got a hold of, I came across this blasphemy. I was going to delete but the begginging of the email intriged me, and made me realize just how SPECIAL I AM. A local CELEBRITY in my own right. This i just could’nt keep to myself for the fact that it was too juicy. So to you, mystery writer. I’ve narrowed you down to 4 people and sooner or later i’m going to find you. This mystery writer took such a whole hearted intrest in my past, did’nt you know that everyones past comes back to haunt them sooner or later. I’ve done things that were OFF THE CHARTS but a sex tape come on…. Shitty asshole, REALLY?? news to me. But  the cherry on top, photoshoots with CHRISTIAN. Christian to the best of my knowledge did photoshoots with OF-AGE boys and girls, check their i.d’s. Not my boys!!! Christian was a friend of the family, and Never SOLD or GAVE me drugs. Everything in this E-mail sings made up. Is that why the mystery writer wrote it on 2010/04/18 at 4:56am in the UA PARKING GARAGE ON speedway and PARK next to the 7eleven. LISTEN to me When you start playing with fire, you better be able to handle THE BURN!!

Heres the email, peep it.

“and dont think that people arent gonna find out about the infamous sex tape you filmed along with some of your “boys” like 4 years ago, you know the one where you spread your ass and everyone saw you had anal warts….and a hairy shitty ass…hahahaha,ah the memories, oh and who can forget that photo-shoot with christian moore, you know the one where you sucked the dick of that meth head for a baggie of the good shit. wow, the things you did for coke back in the day. for someone with so much baggage and embarassing shit, you sure talk alot of trash about other people. i should get christian to get me the negatives, that shit is priceless”.