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Three Words.


only lindsay could make something so, so, so???? Look so good, In a hot messy way.







Looks like our old muse lindsay lohan is not cleaning up her act.

So It may come as no surprise that the NEW NEW award goes to a different kind of girl.

Lana del rey needs no introduction of your big on the Indie Pop Scene or you saw her HORRID Nervous performance on SNL.

She updates old classics and makes them current without making significant changes. She reminds me of the old classic hollywood, not so much the TRASHY unsophisticated girls of today.

Not to mention that her NEW ALBUM born to die is #1 in 11 countries around the

As we speak BEYONCE is putting the Final touches on her new album, weaning  Blue Ivy Carter off her “breast milk”.

Well at least lana is snatching wigs now before who know who comes back.


boysandco. is working on something. BIG, INNOVATIVE AND FRESH,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,can you please just BEAR WITH US. give us a couple of days !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

between, fracturing ankles and COMPILING SOME DIRT, boysandco. will have some new shit for you in 2 days so just let us relax……..

It looks like Kelis’ upcoming Flesh Tone album has sprung a bit of a leak with a lot of the songs making their way online recently. The latest track hit the world wide web is “Home”, a futuristic, high energy cut that you may recognize from the official Flesh Tone mixtape.

Kelis has scored another 10/10 with this one, and combined with some of the previously leaked material like “4th of July”, “22nd Century” and of course the first single “Acapella” it’s probably say by now to say thatFlesh Tone will be one of the standout albums of 2010.

Oh and speaking of “Acapella”, the song recently debuted at #5 on the official UK charts, which is a further indication that Kelis should probably start promoting herself internationally with this album instead of focusing so much on the States.


If you thought that pop galaxy Heidi Montag was done with her critically acclaimed (by me) debut albumSuperficial then you’re sorely mistaken, because the plastic princess has just premiered another one of her stunning cut-and-paste music videos, this time for the album’s sublime title track “Superficial”.

For her latest piece of art Queen Heidi has compiled footage of herself going clubbing, prancing around in a bikini, performing at Miss Universe and getting plastic surgery, giving viewers an inside look into the life of the notoriously private icon.

The motion picture actress has also taken the opportunity to take a subtle dig at her musical subordinate Lady GaGa, implying that the Poker Face singer isn’t as famous as her.

“This is real footage we’ve collected over the years, ” Montag tells PEOPLE. “I’m a reality star and I wanted to bring that into my music video. Someone like Lady Gaga has to fake paparazzi for her video and create that whole world but that’s the real life I live. That’s my reality. “

Take that GaGa! That’s what you get for maliciously stealing Heidi’s bilingual smash “Fashion” then completely butchering it for the Confessions of a Shopaholic soundtrack.


NOT A PEEP out of will dexter, this would be very unusual if HE WAS’NT IN PRISON. WELL TODAY WAS THE OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE and by now hes shit-Faced and PROB. beating his current BEAU up. NO JOE WAHL STYLE, WE’LL HAVE TO WAIT and see what kind of shenanigans will will pull out of his hat tonight.

Word on the street is though, that NOT EATING IN JAIL COMBINED WITH EXCESSIVE Sun exposure has left our cute little will well NICOLE RICHIED AND SUPER TAN. THINK DONATELLA VERSACE, with a penis………

be careful when you run into him, HANDLE WITH Caution AND CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WOW, YOUR FAR TOO KIND. boysandco. has had an overwhelming bombard of emails, phone calls and bbm’s

. So the process begins to start picking the top 3 who will compete to become LOSER of the WEEK…. ITS A BIG DEAL PEOPLE, SECRETS WILL BE EXPOSED…. DUH DUH DUH DRUMROLL please

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard that Rihanna is working on the follow-up to her Rated R album, but I bet you didn’t realize that her label Def Jam have hired out a whopping 50 producers to all get together to create new material for the Rockstar 101 singer, as Taio Cruz revealed during a new interview.

“There was a big writing camp with 50 other producers writing for Rihanna’s next album.

“They had hired out 20 to 30 different studios and had everyone in there collaborating, switching people around. Each person did about six or seven songs. It doesn’t normally work like that but she’s a huge artist.” {source}

Wow. This must be how they get these popstars to churn out music so quickly. While the artist is busy on tour and promoting their last record the label are out getting all the songs ready for the next album, so once the artist is available all they have to do is clock in some time in the recording booth and voila, you’ve got your album. I’m sure it’s generally the same for the Britney’s, Beyonce’s etc too.

Anyways Taio also revealed that they’re working on some more “traditional perky pop” for Rihanna instead of the “hard edged” Rated R, and he also said he hopes to get in the studio with RiRi’s BFF Katy Perry for her new album after he met her recently in L.A.